<< True morality consists not in following the beaten track, but in finding the true path for ourselves, and fearlessly following it. >> Mahatma Gandhi

Marco Dalla Libera

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I decided to begin this page with a quote by Mahatma Gandhi that reflects exactly the way I decided to follow my personal and professional path, that has never developed on pre-established tracks but has always followed my aspirations and my ideas.

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My career is mainly focused on information technology, I am a "Perito Industriale Capotecnico a specializzazione Informatica", a qualification I obtained at the "F. Severi" High School of Padua. During these studies I also had the opportunity to do two internships as an IT technician.

In 2013 I published one of my projects online making it open source, its name is acpi_call_GUI and you can read more about it in the appropriate section of this site.

Currently I'm studying computer science at the University of Padua, after having attended information engineering for just over two years.

I'm also working as IoT software analyst and developer specialist at Sanmarco Informatica.

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My knowledge ranges from development to the administration of operating systems, including the administration of computer networks. I know the most popular programming languages like C, C ++, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and others. I am also very interested in the GNU/Linux world as well as open source software in general, in the near future I would like to contribute to the development of KDE and Mozilla software.

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If you want more information about my background contact me at career@marcodallalibera.it, I will send my Curriculum Vitae to all the companies that will want to request it. I also kindly invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn, where you can find the latest information about my career.

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