I'm Marco Dalla Libera, an Information Technology enthusiast that also loves nature and animals.

Marco Dalla Libera

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To follow my passions I decided to study Information Technology at "Francesco Severi" High School in Padua, gaining a diploma as "Perito Industriale Capotecnico a specializzazione Informatica". Actually I'm attending Computer Science at the University of Padua.

Furthermore I work as IoT software analyst and developer specialist at Sanmarco Informatica.

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In my free time I like to do outdoor sports and to remain informed, besides involved, in the IT world.

In fact I'm particularly interested in open source software and projects and in my daily life I do my best to protect my online privacy. In 2013 I published and made open source one of my projects, acpi_call_GUI, that as the aim of easing and improving the use of acpi_call, a Linux kernel module. More information about this project are available in the appropriate section of this site.

I also keep myself informed about the GNU/Linux world, which I use and administer daily. At the moment my favourite Linux distribution is OpenSuse Tumbleweed because I found it extremely stable, while allowing me to use the latest software versions. In the past I've also been active in some forums, aiming at helping people to learn the Linux world.

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As you can see my personal web site does not have fancy graphics or advanced features, this because I wrote it from zero without using framework or code pasted from elsewhere. I decided to build it with CSS grids, if you're interested you can read more about them in this wonderful Mozilla documentation.

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